Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 19, 29 April 2009 Playlist

The Peekers, Sweet Singin’ Birds
Korea Girl, Reunion
Kylie, Slow
Fischerspooner, The Best Revenge
Killola, This Is How the World Ends
The Kirby Grips, Needless
Maria Taylor, Time Lapse Lifeline
Ketman, Chemists Fighting
The Kelley Deal 6000, Shag
A Camp, The Crowning
Paula Kelley, My Finest Hour
Kahimi Karie, Elastic Girl
Bat for Lashes, Daniel
Kenickie, In Your Car
Julie Plug, Hang to Dry
An Horse, Postcards
The Juliana Hatfield Three, Bat Wing
Julie Ruin, Breakout A-Town
Sara Lov, Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming
Jenny Lewis With the Watson Twins, The Charging Sky
Jane Jensen, Highway 90
Killavox, Mean What You Say
Ivy, Digging Your Scene
Innocence Mission, When Mac Was Swimming
Fever Ray, When I Grow Up
Internal/External, Weedhead
Ida, Tellings
The Long Lost, The Art of Kissing
Imperial Teen, Yoo Hoo
The Icicles, Snowbird
The Love X Nowhere, Another Monkey on the Vine
Danielle Howle, From the Tops of Trees
Husbands, Tell Me Your Love Is Only Mine
Gliss, Sad Eyes
Frida Hyvonen, Come Another Night
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions
Barbara Manning, Through With People
Hooverphonic, 2wicky
Hot Lava, Apple-Option-Fire
Golden, Slow Number
Jolie Holland, Mexico City
Thunderheist, Sweet 16
The Rocking Horse Winner, Playing With Lights

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