Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 23, May 27 2009 Playlist

Vaselines, Molly’s Lips
!!!, Hello? Is This Thing On?
Civet, Closet Death
Rubies, Stand in a Line
Jenny Choi, Prometheus
Chop Chop, Serial Killer
Secret Lover featuring Delanna Protas, Who Do U Think U R?
Cinnamon, Missing Persons File
Chicklet, Shark’s Smile
Immaculate Machine, Neighbours Don’t Mind
Catatonia, Mulder and Scully
Cat Power, Aretha, Sing One for Me
Joker’s Daughter, The Last Laugh
Neko Case, Hold On, Hold On
Call and Response, Map
The Wooden Birds, Hometown Fantasy
Camera Obscura, Number One Son
Cadallaca, Your One Wish
Gun Outfit, Work Experience
Corrin Campbell, Keep Movin’
The Butchies, Anything Anthology
O+S, We Do What We Want to
Bratmobile, I’m in the Band
The Breeders, Son of Three
Mika Miko, On the Rise
The Bran Flakes, Stumble Out of Bed
Brassy, You Got It
Spc Eco, Shine on Down
Boyskout, Everybody Knew
Blonde Redhead, Mother
1090 Club, Itson
Bran Van 3000, Drinking in L.A.
The Blake Babies, What Did I Do
Fischerspooner, The Best Revenge
Golden, Gray Sky, Morning Sea
Black Box Recorder, New Baby Boom
EeL, E Simples
Bis, This Is Fake D.I.Y.
Ladytron, Tomorrow
Wire Daisies, Leaving So Soon
Bikini Kill, Jigsaw Youth
Bird and the Bee, My Love
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zero
Dealership, Just So
Red Aunts, MOTA
Bjork, Innocence
10,000 Maniacs, Big Star
Bjork, Hunter
Maps of Norway, Webs
The Rocking Horse Winner, Miss You


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