Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 35, August 26 2009 Playlist

UUVVWWZ, Berry Can
Grey Anne, Riddle
Great Northern, Story
Park Avenue Music, Tufts
Nina Gordon, Badway
Holly Golightly, It’s All Over Now
The Minus 5, The Long Hall
Golden, Slow Number
Golem, Tell Her You Love Her
Go-Go’s, Skidmarks on My Heart
Esquimaux, Dulcinea
Peggy Sue, The Conservationist
Polynya, Maul
Girl in a Coma, Ven Cerca
Go Betty Go, It’s Too Bad
Ravishers, Keep You Around
Gliss, Sad Eyes
The Gits, Social Love I
Liam Finn & Eliza Jane, Plane Crash
Giant Drag, Pretty Little Neighbor
Lisa Germano, Way Below the Radio
Summer Cats, St. Tropez
Lisa Gerrard, Sanvean
Fuzzy, Thurber
Madness, Clerkenwell Polka
Fur Cups for Teeth, 99
Edith Frost, My God Insane
Regina Spektor, Eet
Frente!, Accidentally Kelly Street
Fonda, The People We Are
La Roux, Bulletproof
Flashing Red Airplane, It’s a Long Way Down When You Know Your Way
The Fiery Furnaces, My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found
Tiny Vipers, Life on Earth
Feist, The Water
Fastbacks, Believe Me Never
Royalchord, Midnight Lines
Christine Fellows, Souvenirs
Melissa Ferrick, Hello Dad
The Most Serene Republic, Vessels of a Donor Look
Marianne Faithfull. Mon Ami, My Friend
Plastiscines, Bitch
The Rocking Horse Winner, When Songbirds Sing

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