Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 111, 1 June 2011 Playlist

Loch Lomond, I Love Me
Emiliana Torrini, To Be Free
Tom Tom Club, Who Feelin’ It
Strange Holiday, The Eagle Has Landed
Jenny Toomey, Breezewood, PA
Tsunami Bomb, Top 40 Hit
Eastern Conference Champions, Atlas
Tristeza, Newbury
Andreya Triana, Draw the Stars
Snowblink, Bulb, for Later
The Trolleyvox, Rabbit in the Sun
Lissy Trullie, Money
Of Montreal, Slave Translator
Tuscadero, Latex Dominatrix
20 Minute Loop, Force of Habit
The Thoughts, You’re Not Happy Here
Tullycraft, Vacation in Christine, ND
TuNe-YaRdS, Hatari
The Wilderness of Manitoba, In the Family
27, Sacred Scars
Robert Crumb and His Keep-on-Truckin’ Orchestra, River Blues
Twigs, Eleven
Prints of China, Power Heavy
Undersea Poem, Come So, Morre So
Ultralash, Kitchen Song
Puro Instinct, Silky Eyes
Vaselines, Oliver Twisted
UUVVWWZ, Green Starred Sleeve
Those Darlins, Mystic Mind
Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco, Anarchy
Velocity Girl, Audrey’s Eyes
Bardo Pond, Waynes Tune
Victoire, India Whiskey
Veruca Salt, Sound of the Bell
Liam Finn + Eliza Jane, Honest Face
Vivian Girls, Never See Me Again
Velella Velella, Glower Power
Little Scream, Black Cloud
Visqueen, Manhattan
Versus, Silver Vein
Should, Slumberland
Venus Hum, Montana
Via Tania, Felt Cave
Gaby Moreno, Daydream by Design


  1. 1
    Dark Helmet Says:

    nice to hear someone else play emily jane white. I requested that the cd be added to the library.

    • 2
      Dark Helmet Says:

      dude and jen wood! she rocks. I never heard anyone else play her. I gotta go to sleep now. have a wonderful show, too bad you couldn’t make it to the Tues. meeting.

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