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Episode 239 is up

March 17, 2007

Official sushi

March 16, 2007;_ylt=AqCu9mHPw46wSUfdTY3PX63MWM0F

Episode 238 is up

March 16, 2007

Girl geeks weren’t this hot when I was in high school

March 16, 2007

Well, except for Jill Elkin….

Urusei Yatsura

March 15, 2007

Now is the perfect time to attack the United States, of course, because everyone and their mother are watching March Madness on TV. And in case you were wondering, there are already 1,260 hits on Yahoo! for “urusei yatsura march madness” so, no, that is not why I have paired the two terms.

I don’t sweat games. Normally. March Madness is no exception. The 2007 AFC Championship game was. Stupid Patriots. However, March Madness does afford me something huge: an unplanned license to fuck around.

I don’t need an excuse to jerk off. If I feel like it, I can whip out my desire to not work and have at it. But such things are usually planned. Three in the afternoon is The Sims Online time. Nine in the morning is gym time. You get the idea. Sickos.

So anyway, I don’t sweat games. I am in four March Madness pools and have pissed away $30 to be in them, but I don’t watch any of the games. I don’t like college basketball. There are too many blowouts, the fans are annoying, and the players miss too many free throws. It’s nothing like the NBA. Wait….

However, everyone around me is suddenly a college hoops expert, and cubicle diners are buzzing about the office discussing their expert picks about why some school is going to win or lose. Oddly, they tend to leave me alone with this. They seem to focus on the NFL with me. That’s fine. I’m no Answer Man, but I can talk about the pigskin better than most people.

Everyone has read the articles about lost productivity in the office because of March Madness and how it affects the economy. In other words, it’s a blank check for goof-offery. Well, if I cashed a $2 check from the Humane Society, I am definitely going to cash this one.

(The Humane Society sends me stuff all the time. When they offer me T-shirts, I send them money. See the episodes of my hit show to see them all. There might be 10 now. One time they sent me a $2 check, saying that they trusted that I would not only not cash the check, but that I would send them another donation in return. Are they insane? How far do they think $50,000 a year takes me? About to October, incidentally. So I cashed the check. They haven’t tried that with me since. I kind of miss the address labels though. That shit was the bananas.)

Free time? I know! I can read e-mail. As an aside, I have successfully migrated everyone to, right? If you’re still e-mailing me at my work address, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. I have 2,147 e-mails in my in-box (2,007 unread or marked as unread after deftly reading them in preview mode), and I don’t see that number going down anytime soon. I had a prioritization re-org in December, and volleyball and e-mail were replaced by hockey and the Cheesecake Factory.

Wait a minute. Reading e-mail is work. It’s at my work address, isn’t it? And most of it is geopolitical stuff that I only get because I work here. So the hell with that. What else should I do?

I spend a lot of time giving back to the YouTube community, so it’s only fair that I watch other people’s shit too, right? I really haven’t navigated the site much, which likely inhibited my ability to get a job there. There’s a lot of stuff on there! Who knew?

So I am clicking around…

I am on a conference call right now in a room with two other people. Someone just leaned forward in front of the speakerphone. If you don’t have a question, then why the fuck would you do this? It just turned into this random posturing thing, in that he was trying to work on his posture by sitting up straight. Anyway…

I am clicking around, and I find some complete episodes of Urusei Yatsura. Eight years ago a few episodes of this aired on the local PBS station (the same one that airs the oft-maligned-by-me Math Mentor). Kyle, my roommate at the time, was into Japanese animation — I won’t say “anime” because no one pronounces it correctly, and although I have given up on “futon,” I draw the line here — and he said I should give it a shot.

This meant a lot to me, because he knows of my hatred of the American culture reaction to anime. (Typing it is different than saying it. “Japanese animation” takes too long to type, although explaining the logic behind it takes even longer, as does explaining the logic behind explaining the logic behind it.) I don’t dig the hairy, sweaty and overweight guys drooling over the big eyes and schoolgirl uniforms….

“So we don’t have to lie and say we’re not perfect.” “Absolutely.” Man, people just don’t listen. I love double negatives….

My point is that I don’t wish to be associated with the American anime fan stereotype. Now, don’t get me wrong. Things are different than they were in 1991, when Kyle was buying Bubblegum Crisis videotapes via mail order for $59.99. Apparently, really hot chicks like anime now, and they dress like the characters at conventions even though no one pays them to do it, and they even have sex with the sedentary white male fans. Comic Book Guy is getting action more often than once every seven years! Sure that may mean less sex for other people, but for him, it means much, much more.

So Kyle says I will like it. It’s funny. He was right. I didn’t donate to PBS for it, because I knew they would just replace it with crap. (And they did, replacing it with Dirty Pair Flash. I’d watch Dirty Pair Flash again, though, for nostalgia purposes. It’s the same reason I watch reruns of Growing Pains. That and Leonardo DiCaprio was hot in it.)

Urusei Yatusra is about some d00d in Japan, who encounters a hot alien chick who calls him “darling,” which in Japanese apparently is pronounced “darling.” It is sort of a love triangle between those two and the schoolgirl who I guess he liked already, but it’s hard to say because he is such a wannabe playboy. He like a dorkier Archie Andrews with a Jughead Jones appetite.

It’s hardly necessary for me to get into further detail about this show. I highly doubt that someone that hasn’t seen this series is suddenly going to want to because of my review of it after seeing two episodes of it last night after not having seen it since 1999.

So I split my March Madness jack-off time between watching this and writing about it here. That feels productive. Time to go to the gym.

Episode 237 is up

March 15, 2007

Don’t fuck with the cherry blossom forecasts

March 14, 2007

Episode 236 is up

March 14, 2007

Episode 235 is up

March 13, 2007

Episode 234 is up

March 12, 2007