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Just do what I say, November 2010 edition

October 31, 2010

Governor Carlos Alvarez

Lieutenant Governor C.T. Weber

Secretary of State Marylou Cabral

Controller Karen Martinez

Treasurer Debra Reiger

Attorney General Robert Evans

Insurance Commissioner Dina Josephine Padilla

Member, State Board of Equalization, District 1 Sherill Borg

U.S. Senator Marsha Feinland

U.S. Representative District 16 Zoe Lofgren

Member of the State Assembly District 24 Jim Beall

Yes on all justices

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson

San Jose/Evergreen Community College District Governing Board Member Trustee Area 6 Jeffrey Lease

19 No

20 No

21 Yes

22 No

23 No

24 No

25 Yes

26 No

27 Yes

Measure A Yes

Measure B Yes

Measure C No

Measure G Yes

Measure U Yes

Measure V No

Measure W No

Cheyenne Marie Mize “Before Lately”

October 31, 2010

It’s a singer-songwriter, folkin’ around at a farmers’ market. She can sing, so that’s a bonus, and she’s in the camp with Frente!’s lead singer and Feist. “Kind” is the standout here, as Cheyenne Marie Mize channels Sade.
“Not” is one of the more beautiful tracks, with strings and deep piano. Her voice is one of the strongest you’ll hear, yet she is modest with it instead of trying to run you over. The restraint makes for a better record.
All the songs have single-word titles, which would make for an interesting bill if she played with Fall Out Boy. It’s almost like she is cheating with “With(Out),” but that would have been one word anyway. At any rate, this track could be an Azure Ray cover for all I know.
Nothing wrong with this record, although there’s not a lot about it that is very inspired, either.

Various Artists “Lost Tribe Sound: One”

October 31, 2010

It’s a compilation of Lost Tribe Sound acts. Many of the tracks are instrumental, but the ones with the vocals provide for entertaining entertainment. Pollution Salute has a real gem with “Bright Shine,” which might be about when you take Taco Bell hot sauce and rub it on a penny.
The Birdcage use ethereal synths and great female lyrics on “Daydream.” This is one of my favorite songs of the year, and I want to know what I can do to make this band millionaires. Cock & Swan already are well-known around these parts, and the acoustic version of “Unrecognized” is recognizably awesome.
Benoit Pioulard gives us an acoustic version of “Hirondelle.” Most of the other 20 tracks on the record are instrumentals, making for useful beds or freestyle karaoke sessions.

Episode 1558 is up (San Jose/Evergreen Community College District Governing Board Member Trustee Area 6)

October 31, 2010

Episode 1557 is up (California Superintendent of Public Instruction)

October 31, 2010

Rain Perry “Internal Combustion”

October 31, 2010

It sounds like a woman from L.A. singing slightly contemporary rock ‘n’ roll. Suzanne Vega comes to mind. “The Compartmentalized Thing” is first and is easy enough to listen to. The lyrics are generally mixed pretty high, so I guess that means there are good stories to be heard. Can’t help but wonder whether “Red, Green, White, Blue” is secretly about m&m’s, though.
“Next Best Thing” has some soul to it. It’s not Aretha Franklin or anything, but there is some heft to complement the organ. “Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War” is what Beth Orton would have sounded like if she had ever learned to sing. This song is really amazing. It’s perfect for the fall. Put it on your personal music player and walk through your neighborhood, helping decompose the leaves by stepping on them.
And it goes on. The whole record is a good listen.

Modern Superstitions “All the Things We’ve Been Told”

October 31, 2010

It’s an EP. “Go-Between” is first and has a peppy rhythm that would make Space Ghost proud. It’s a trio of teenagers, but they sound older than that. “Visions of You” is a Bettie Serveert knockoff. Well, a lot of the tracks are. There’s a lot of Manifold Splendour in there as well.”Everything Is Not Mine” has great guitar and an awesome chorus. Power pop fans should love all this stuff.
“Beck & Call” is a little less rock ‘n’ roll and a little more country. Neko Case comes to mind here. “Love That Beats My Heart” sounds like Superdrag but with a female lead singer. It’s also pretty good.
“Mercy Line” is last, which is where it belongs. It’s good, but it is not as good as the rest. All the tracks on here are pretty amazing, though.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 84, 27 October 2010 Playlist

October 27, 2010

Cotton Jones, Somehow to Keep It Going
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, 103
Bitesize, Sugar Car
Azure Ray, Signs in the Leaves
Anna Oxygen, Aviva
Peaches, I Feel Cream
Reporter, Click Shaw
The Peechees, No Heart
Pee Shy, Mr. Whisper
April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Movie Loves a Screen
Jemina Pearl, I Hate People
Julie Peel, Broken
Clara Luzia, Queen of the Wolves
The Peekers, Sweet Singin’ Birds
Liz Phair, Polyester Bride
Lower Dens, Plastic and Powder
Pizzicato Five, Good
Gretchen Phillips, Swimming
Dead Heart Bloom, Don’t Worry for Me
Persephone’s Bees, Nice Day
Petracovich, What If I Came to Get You?
Cloud Cult, The Escape – Running With the Wolves
Peggy Sue, The Conservationist
The Pillowfights, Buzz Buzz
Margaret Cho, I’m Sorry
PJ Harvey & John Parish, Pig Will Not
Picture Me Broken, Echoes of an Empire
Soft Cotton County, Easy Goes It
Pixies, Head On
The Pieces, Soda Machine
Miriam’s Well, More Than I
Picnic, Chalkboard
Please Do Not Fight, Up Up Up
Glasser, Treasure of We
Polysics, Baby Bias
Plastiscines, Bitch
The Hundred in the Hands, Pigeons
The Pipettes, Pull Shapes
Polite Sleepers, Driving Ohio
Tito Puente & Celia Cruz, Pachito Eche
Polynya, Orlando
The Prids, Fragile
Land of Talk, Cloak and Cipher
KT Tunstall, Universe & U
Jemina Pearl, Undesirable
Chaka Khan, Goldfinger
Original Broadway Cast, Rent

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 83, 20 October 2010 Playlist

October 27, 2010

Clara Luzia, Queen of the Wolves
Minipop, Generator
Morcheeba, Cut to the Bass
Azure Ray, On and on Again
Mt. Eerie, Julie Doiron & Fred Squire, Lost Wisdom
Juana Molina, Desordenado
Andreya Triana, Daydreamers
The Mood Swings, Crush
Monkey, This Life
Sarah Jaffe, Wreaking Havoc
The Muffs, Really Really Happy
Mum, If I Were a Fish
Cotton Jones, Dream on Columbia Street
Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band, Masquerade
Music Go Music, I Walk Alone
The Hundred in the Hands, Young Aren’t Young
Neko Case & Her Boyfriends, Bowling Green
Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Slaughter
Dear and the Headlights, Strangers
The Newloud, Secrets
Joanna Newsom, Peach, Plum, Pear
Defiance, Ohio, Hairpool
Negativland/Chumbawamba, Smelly Water
Nous Non Plus, L’Amant
Agent Ribbons, Grey Gardens Dada Girlfriend
Nneka, God of Mercy
The No-No’s, The Damage Done
Jupe Jupe, Invaders
Night Driving in Small Towns, All Together Now
Kate Nash, Later On
Miss TK and the Revenge, Saturday
Of Montreal, Lysergic Bliss
OP8 Featuring Lisa Germano, If I Think of Love
Fitz and the Tantrums, L.O.V.
Tara Jane O’Neil, Your Rats Are
Orenda Fink, Blind Asylum
Rogue Valley, The Warming Moon
Beth Orton, Central Reservation
O+S, We Do What We Want to
Jesca Hoop, The Kingdom
The Operators, Punch You Out
Operation Makeout, Life on Your Windowsill
Carissa’s Wierd, Drunk With the Only Saints I Know
Diana Krall, Peel Me a Grape
The White Stripes, The Union Forever
Thao, Big Kid Table

Episode 1556 is up (Santa Clara County Judges/Justices)

October 26, 2010