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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 115, 29 June 2011 Playlist

June 29, 2011

Emilie Mover, Breakup Medley (Pain & Regret)
Agnes Obel, Close Watch
Esben and the Witch, Light Streams
Sleeper Agent, Get It Daddy
The Shivers, Love Is in the Air
The Lost Years, Deeper and Deeper
Gang Gang Dance, Glass Jar
Ellie Goulding, Lights
The Coathangers, Go Away
Givers, Ceiling of Plankton
The Well Wishers, Goodbye
The Wilderness of Manitoba, Summer Fires
Lemuria, Wise People
Seapony, Blue Star
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, Stick It to the Woman
Benett, Anthemme
Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl
Birds & Batteries, Strange Kind of Mirror
Bettie Serveert, What They Call Love
The Bird and the Bee, Again & Again
Bis, Protection
Thurston Moore – Circulation
Dredg – Upon Turning
Sonic Heavy – Break it Clean
Talky Tina – Don’t Go
Huxtables – Sectional
Simple Jack – Song for Meg
Touch My Rash – Can’t Stand You
Sci Fi Zeros – Jumping Ship
Pour Habit – East 69th
Title Tracks -Forget the Ghost
Queers – Love, Love, Love
Pansy Division – Luv, Luv, Luv
POTUSA – Nuthin But Luv
Electric Frankenstein – Up from the Streets
Death Valley High – Multiply
Unseen – Don’t Look Back
Cliftons – Too High to Die
Shilpa Ray – Hooker
Vampire Weekend – Cousins
Coffin Lids- On the Loose
Anti-Flag – Underground Network
White Pig – Drop Out
Turbo Fruits – Trouble
Gits – Second Skin

Watch Star Trek online on Netflix

June 27, 2011

Stream it live (clearly an SEO experiment to see what kind of traffic this drives — sue me).

Agnes Obel “Philharmonics”

June 26, 2011

It’s a folky female singer/songwriter. “Riverside,” like many tracks on the record, is good but not great. It has the same piano as “Man in Mind” by Ida. I certainly enjoyed listening to this album, but nothing really popped. Same with “Just So” and “Avenue.” They do sound better than the others, but they doesn’t make me say “wow,” either. Just “yeah — that’s fine.” This is the musical interpretation of “Yes, dear.”
The singer sounds like Poe and Susan Ottaviano (Book of Love), the latter especially on “Close Watch.” This one is my favorite. It seems that when she tries to do less that everything turns out a lot better.
The last track is “On Powdered Ground,” but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with skiing. Bits of PJ Harvey and Rasputina can be overheard here, but it’s subtle. This record isn’t bad, but it’s uninspired.

Emilie Mover “Seems so Long”

June 26, 2011

Acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, and she has quite the calming voice. Her melodies use this perfectly, too. “Born in the Wrong Time” has strings that complement the track well.
“Break Up Melody (Pain & Regret)” is so beautiful that I don’t even want to get into a hyphenation debate. She can do whatever she wants when she sounds like this, and that includes the use of ampersands. Sweet holy moly.
Deceptive song titles abound, although it really has more to do with my senseless expectations. There’s no reason a song called “Dance All Night” can’t be about slow dancing. I mean, really, it belongs in an eHarmony commercial. And it’s not even necessarily about slow dancing, but when you see that title, you expect something with a purple sticker or at least a BPM over 100. That’s OK. What matters is that it has pretty harmony during the bridge.
“Mean Man” is the last track and a little slower than the rest, if that’s even possible. Maybe you listen to this one in the morning after binging the night before with a bucket of chicken. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.
This could be one of my favorites of 2011.

Esben and the Witch “Violet Cries”

June 26, 2011

They do the British Siouxsie and the Banshees thing, maybe with a little more guitar yet also a little more ethereal, Cocteau Twins style. The opening track, “Argyria,” might be about a country whose major exports are ugly socks and sweaters, but it’s hard to say because there aren’t any discernible lyrics until nearly four minutes have passed.
“Light Streams” is slightly cheerier and exposes their roots. This same song done by Americans would be downright depressing. The percussion is mixed a little higher, and it stands out among the slow tempo. This one sounds more like Cocteau Twins as well.
Fans of reverb and occasional haunting male backing vox will like “Chorea.” The sound is tinnier, but this seems to be intentional. It’s definitely music that belongs in a warehouse because of how it would it would echo. The song possesses me with an urge to buy vinyl.
The other song that accurately represents this record is “Eumenides.” You get a good mix of singing and accompaniment here. No Groupon necessary.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 114, 22 June 2011 Playlist

June 22, 2011

The Feelies, So Far
Strange Holiday, The Eagle Has Landed
The Shivers, My Mouth Is for My Love
Chop Chop, The Shapeshifter Deception
The Thoughts, Orange Sky
Eastern Conference Champions, Bull in the Wild
The Well Wishers, Goodbye
Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed
Snowblink, Green to Gone
Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Wondering
Baby Moreno, Mess a Good Thing
Wolf Ram Heart, Viewgirls
About Group, You’re No Good
Nazzcar Raw Delay, Eeyore
Ear Pwr, North Carolina
Julianna Barwick, Flown
The Barbarellatones, The Raven
Bat for Lashes, Pearl’s Dream
The Bears of Blue River, Crayola
Belle and Sebastian, Your Secrets
Benyaro, All My Money on You
Belly, Slow Dog
Best Coast, Our Deal
Ben + Vesper, Knee-Hi Wall
Peter Bjorn & John – Breaker Breaker
BYOP – Girls on TV
Black Lips – Modern Art
Those Darlin – Screws Get Loose
Title Tracks – Clench Your Fists
Touch My Rash – Give Me Everything
No Use for a Name – Let Me Down
Arctic Monkeys – Library Pictures
Distillers – I Am A Revenant
Curbside – Downtown
Donnas – Rock N Roll Machine
Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
Kaito – Should I
Booty Chesterfield Trio – Demo No. 1
Shilpa Ray – Heaven in Stereo
Sweet – Action
Pour Habit – Matter of Opinion
Bronx – Bats
Ssion – I’m Hungry
Shalini – Synthesize
Care Bears on Fire – Met You on Myspace
Wayne Kramer – Bad Seed
Boris the Sprinkler – Train Song
Simplejack – At War…

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 113, 15 June 2011 Playlist

June 16, 2011

Givers, Ceiling of Plankton
Jookabox, The Eyes of the Fly
An Horse, Dressed Sharply
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, Stick It to the Woman
The Shivers, Kisses
The Go! Team, Buy Nothing Day
Jessica Lea Mayfield, Blue Skies Again
Mages, Moonshine
The Thoughts, You’re Not Happy Here
Does It Offend You, Yeah? Wrong Time, Wrong Planet
Rachel Goodrich, Let Me Go
Bella Ruse, An Animal a Natural
Asobi Seksu, Sighs
Ear Pwr, National Parks
About Group, Don’t Worry
Dot Allison, In Winter Spill
Allo Darlin’, Silver Dollars
Lily Allen, Cheryl Tweedy
All Girl Summer Fun Band, Becky
The Anniversary, O’ Lady Butterfly
The Amps, Tipp City
An April March, Summers Gone
Angus and Julia Stone, Just a Boy
¡Andale!, Eventually
April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Drop Dead Gorgeous
Olof Arnalds, Klara
ApSci, Under Control
Aroah, Y la Cinta de “Los Bingueros”
Asleep in the Park, Nobody Wants
astroPuppees, Woo Hoo Hoo
Autolux, High Chair
Azure Ray, Don’t Leave My Mind
Audrye Sessions, Nothing Pure Can Stay
Au Revoir Simone, Stars
Bang! Bang! Eche!, 4 to the Floor
Babes in Toyland, Won’t Tell
Bardo Pond, Yellow Turban
Bagheera, Better at Night
Balbec, Drifting
Bangs, Southern Girls
Bambara, Lullay
The Bad Plus Joined by Wendy Lewis, Lithium
Beat Happening, Cast a Shadow

RIP poker laptop — and the shit show

June 16, 2011

With everything going on in the world of online poker these days, it is kind of fitting that the poker laptop died yesterday, shortly after its fourth birthday.

The poker laptop had been serving a much more important role of late, however: serving as the home base of uploading new episodes of the shit show. With that computer conked out, it puts me in a situation I don’t have time to deal with right now. I need a new computer to upload episodes from, and that’s a stupid reason to buy one. If I make new episodes on my iPhone, I can’t save them easily, and I don’t want the only copy to be on a YouTube server in a cloud somewhere.

I may change my mind. It is the Internet, after all, but I really doubt it. The show started out as a tribute to Travis the Mormon, and I was able to get a hold of him because of it, and now we’re friends on Facebook. Then it was chronicling my roommate killing herself, buying a condo, breaking up with my ex, meeting my current girlfriend, and dealing with being unemployed twice. Now, I have it all, and nobody wants to hear someone brag for three minutes a day. But let’s call it a hiatus for now. And there will still be occasional vids from my other YouTube account when I see a show or need to tape another hockey stick. And I’ll probably bring back election episodes because those are just plain fun.

A show that is supposed to be about what I did yesterday is falling by the wayside because I have too many things to do. How about that.

Episode 1786 is up

June 12, 2011

Episode 1785 is up

June 12, 2011