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Must stay focused

October 31, 2006

I know I’m a whiny bitch. It’s fun. Those whiny bitches that take themselves too seriously… well, I can’t be responsible for them. But at least I know how to have a good time with it.

The Pinnacle Fitness in Los Gatos has been rebranded a Bally Total Fitness. Bally bought Pinnacle years ago, but they kept Pinnacle’s name because it’s a fancy place. Well, for whatever reason, they will even let scumbag Bally members like me in.

This place is fancier than a can of Fancy Feast served with packets of fancy ketchup. (“Catsup” would be a subtle pun, but I refuse to say “catsup,” and I have to keep it real!)

Their showers have body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Their sinks have soap, shaving cream, after shave, cotton swabs, deodorant and hair spray. There are like eight racquetball courts too, although that does nothing for me.

This means I will hardly ever have to drive on Hamilton again, and I say good riddance. I hate driving Hamilton. The lights are synchronized poorly, which is worse than not being synchronized at all!

I am trying to let this new discovery cover up my disdain for all the things that have made me a whiny bitch for the past week. We’ll see.

I’ve set up an interview to teach English in Japan on the 17th (not in Japan — the interview is in San Francisco). It’s a smart move, but do I really want to give up on this new Bally Total Fitness? Oh, and I guess there are other things keeping me here too. (Notice how by not giving further examples, you will automatically assume that you’re one of them. This is an excellent marketing gimmick.)

Hockey was grand on Sunday. I broke someone’s stick, and we scored four goals, double the team record. The only problem was that we gave up a season-high-tying eight goals. Oops.

I was given a filing cabinet and some boxes at work. I put things in them. I did not address all the concerns that were handed to me, but I’ve done plenty. At this point, it’s no contest that I no longer have the messiest cube, so fuck ’em. If they ask me to do more, I am just going to say no. I figure I might as well see what happens when someone says “no.”

Speaking of needing to find another job (nice!), I am going to register to take the CBEST Friday. That is what everyone that wants to be a teacher has to take. It’s really easy. People aren’t teachers because it’s hard — people aren’t teachers because it doesn’t pay anything.

Weird how the first part of that sentence can mean opposite things. Crazy world we live in, mama.


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October 31, 2006

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October 28, 2006

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October 28, 2006

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October 28, 2006

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October 27, 2006

Stupid YouTube

October 26, 2006

Pretty much any music video you could ever want to see is on there, and it forces me into reminiscing mode. Am I still too young to look back?

I know the importance of reflecting and all that, but I have to wonder whether it’s the sort of thing that is supposed to wait. I suppose I could forget things between now and then, but because I will have forgotten, it won’t bother me, because I won’t remember what I’m missing.

It’s nice to watch old videos from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and Martika, sure, but every minute I spend looking back is a minute that prevents me from looking forward. Sure, people do that all the time, but I’ve always had my doubts of how optimal that is.

I suppose the same case could be made for the time I spend writing these things, as well. You see how I sacrifice my personal development for your entertainment? You better fucking appreciate it!

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October 26, 2006