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Working late so I don’t…

September 8, 2008

Working late so I don’t know what happened to the Raiders. I went in the shower and they were in the red zone and they just gotten a first down on 4th and short of the 10th which was kinda stupid but then I got out of the shower and it’s still 7 nothing so what the hell did they do wrong? It’s the Raiders, probably everything. listen

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So I’m in Nevada right…

September 1, 2008

So I’m in Nevada right now and I get to use my cellphone without a headset because I’m not in California. And I’m not really wondering like flunk the rules or anything but because I have the opportunity to use my phone, I’m gonna do it. And that’s what I’m doing right now. No headset for me and if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go run into somebody and help change the numbers that support why we need to have headsets all over the place. listen

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Jott is not in beta…

August 20, 2008

Jott is not in beta so jott now is going to be a pay-as-you-go service it appears and I have a special offer where I can save money by subscribing to jott now. Well, I don’t really think I am going to do that. I am not really making any money from having jott and it’s really more than pain in the ass than it is fun so I think jott once(?) it’s no longer free. There just won’t be. listen

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Gym etiquette at. Gym…

August 13, 2008

Gym etiquette at. Gym etiquette in the news paper. When you are working out at the gym, and you are reading the news paper, when you’re done, don’t throw it away, don’t put it in the recycling bin. If you’re not going to take it home with you, you can finish that stupid ____ later, then leave it somewhere for someone else can read it. Maybe you can leave it with the magazine, or next to the remote control for the TV, but don’t throw it… listen

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Working in a manure…

August 11, 2008

Working in a manure factory. If I work in the manure factory, will I get use to the smell? Is manure even process in the factory? Should is manure factory a misnomer? Is there a shift differential for working in the afternoon instead of during graveyard? Because it smell worst in the afternoon. Or do it have to cancel the other out and there is no shift differential at all? listen

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There’s one main reason…

July 23, 2008

There’s one main reason why you should take the tiles from two scrabble games and put them into one board. Because then you can say words like Jazz without using up another blank spaces. I really can’t think of another reason besides that and really that’s reason enough. Isn’t it? listen

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California extreme addendum,…

July 21, 2008

California extreme addendum, so the highlight of the show was definitely not the jerry(?) specialized kid following me around while at great NBA jam turned him in addition and publicized her. Every time I would make a good play, he would hold up his hand because he wanted me to high five him. Sometimes people just occur(?) the truths of themselves. listen

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Jotts are shorter now….

July 7, 2008

Jotts are shorter now. I realized that time that I kept getting cut off too soon, and it appears instead of having one minute to do a Jott, now I only get 15 seconds. So that’s good, because even I could come up something to say for 15 seconds, right. listen

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House Party 2 rated…

June 20, 2008

House Party 2 rated R, really? So I was flipping channels the other day and House Party 2 was on TV. Oh I remember that movie with Kid ‘n(?) play(?), I think it was on HBO or Cinemax, one of those pay stations that shows movies that you can buy on DVD for $.99 at Blockbuster before they go out of business. All the Blockbuster’s are closing up now, definitely the end of an era for them.[unclear speech, please listen] listen

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Brilliant hands free…

June 18, 2008

Brilliant hands free cell phone device idea, so on July 1st California will not be able to hold a phone to their ear with their hands. They must use the hands free device, so that it gives you few options when you driving, you can hold the phone up to your ear with your knee, you can super glue your phone to your ear or you can… listen

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