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Episode 1040 is up

May 27, 2009

Episode 1039 is up

May 27, 2009

Episode 1038 is up

May 27, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Guide and News for 27 May 2009 (Issue 53)

May 27, 2009

More starting pitcher help is on the way. Nick Blackburn is looking good. Jarrod Washburn is still out there in most leagues. And Carl Pavano. Really! And you can give Ricky Romero one more chance.
Cody Ross may finally be heating up.

Episode 1037 is up

May 26, 2009

Episode 1036 is up

May 26, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Guide and News for 25 May 2009 (Issue 52)

May 25, 2009

Every year a handful of catchers appear out of nowhere, and fantasy players learn their names because they are sick of using Brad Ausmus. This year it is John Baker.
The second base curse continues. First it was Rickie Weeks, and now Akinori Iwamura appears headed to the DL. Ben Zobrist will finally get a permanent gig, but he may not eligible at second base for you yet.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Guide and News for 24 May 2009 (Issue 51)

May 24, 2009

I’ve got pitchers for every need! Ricky Nolasco‘s really not that bad, just unlucky. You can get him cheap because he will be in the minors until June, but he will rebound and have a great second half. If you need a starting pitcher now, take a look at Scott Feldman. Such a nice boy. J.A. Happ also has looked good. You can sort of expect the Phillies to release Jamie Moyer after he records win number 250, and that should open a permanent spot in the rotation for him. Jeremy Sowers is another kid that could surprise. Andy Pettitte is also worth a shot, especially if you need wins. If you don’t need anything yet but want a second-half boost, there’s always Justin Duchscherer. If you can’t wait that long but can wait a little bit, then Oliver Perez is your guy.
Nick Green just might be the guy you’re looking for now that Julio Lugo has been benched.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy Guide and News for 23 May 2009 (Issue 50)

May 23, 2009

Don’t give up on Bartolo Colon yet. He’s a veteran pitcher who can get by on his bad days. Billy Buckner is someone to watch. If he can shut down a real offense, he’s going to be something.

Episode 1035 is up

May 21, 2009