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Addendum to San Jose…

June 10, 2008

Addendum to San Jose Giants and Baker ____ plays. So, let me announce the starting line ups. The managers of the team, too. And the manager of the San Jose Giants, Steve Decker, former San Fransisco Giant catcher, who got after Roy, started in 1993 and his rookie cards was up to [unclear speech, please listen], and that’s a lot of money for a 1993 ____ card. But, time’s changed. Men used their real names today, and he went away ____ JT Snow and his rookie card is now worth a dime, although JT Snow did go on to have a productive career, coincidentally not ironically ending it with the Giants. Steve Decker put it a few more seasons but never amounted to much. And anyone in the coaching and now he’s down to San Jose, good for him. Maybe we’ll see him up to the big club for a little bit longer time next time. This time ____ time for a change, [unclear speech, please listen] change [unclear speech, please listen]. listen

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Diana Foss shall live…

June 4, 2008

Diana Foss shall live to strike again. So the election results were in the newspaper today, and my candidate, one of my candidates, Diana Foss, did not win. She got 47% of the vote I believe, which she gets an incumbent is, nothing to see there(?). Especially one who’s been entrenched in this position in 20 years, for 20 years. But despite all of this, I still do not like the term limits. Perhaps Joe Judge does a good job. The thing is, when you talk about positions on a water utility, as long as the water’s clean, you really don’t know what to complain about. Most people don’t even pay a water bill. If you live in a condo or an apartment or if you rent a room in a house, you probably don’t even pay it. It’s included in your rents or your HOA, so get her next time… listen

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Edgar Gonzales needs…

June 2, 2008

Edgar Gonzales needs a new job, for those of you who missed today’s Giants and San Diego Padres game, ____ we are losing 3-3 in the bottom of the 10th and there was runners at the corners and one out. The middle and fielders were playing halfway, so ____ go to the play, it’s fast and hard ___ go for the double play. You don’t play double play but because then it’s a slow ground ball the game is over, if you don’t want to of course play all the way in because you’d like to get out ___ with a ____ at the middle you would not be able to get your second or short ___, to the bag to get the flow to second that alone be able to make rely to first, so what happens ___ Edgar Gonzales, he touch the throw home realizes that he can’t get the runner out, ___ throw to second realizes that he probably can’t get that runner out… listen

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Halloween III, last…

May 27, 2008

Halloween III, last night on Fuse was the rebroadcast of the movie Halloween III which has nothing to do with the other Halloween movies. No Michael Myers. Well, unless you count that scene in the bar where the TV is on, and there’s an appetite for the brutal movie. How funny, and then of course the next commercial. Oh, no he changes the channel. Next commercial, let me just change the commercial. I know he changes the channel to football afterwards. But good trivial question, what two teams are playing football on the TV in the bar in Halloween III after he changes the channel after the Silver Shame Rock Act? I don’t know. That’s a good trivial question that I think will stab anyone. Anyway, for great movies still has all of its wonderful soft value after 20… listen

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Denis Richmond, I hardly…

May 22, 2008

Denis Richmond, I hardly knew you. I watched the last 10:00 news broadcast with Denis Richmond at the Ancha(?) last night on channel 2 and I’m sure it really bordered him that the 10:00 news started at 10:08 because of the American Idol because Denis Richmond was the kind of guy who always wanted you to know what you were getting from him and that he was alway exactly what he said he was and he is what he thought he was and then you left him off the hook. I hope that he enjoys his retirement and I remember when he spoke at my college, 12 years ago and it’s something I’ll never forget unless old age sets in. listen

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Cooling trend that it’s…

May 20, 2008

Cooling trend that it’s nice to go back to some cool weather again after it’s really hot. It’s really weird thought the type of weather we have here. It’s you know, you don’t have to necessary shiver in your bones just thinking about it, but you know, we do get the four seasons and the Marriott Holiday Inn Motel, thanks, but I guess the most important thing that should be learned from this is really shouldn’t try to Jott until I know what it is I want to talk about cause I already done enough time sobbing(?) until I don’t get it. I mean there’s plenty of things I could dabble about and then I forget to think of one when first after(?) I call. The good thing is I put up the things on my website. So that’s it. listen

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We all love Varian,…

May 15, 2008

We all love Varian, even if we don’t admit it. People say they don’t like Math and they think it’s just they don’t understand when they like Math, they don’t realize it’s Math, you know think about it. If you don’t like, that’s the call waiting. I have never got any call waiting on Jott before, this is what it sounds like when I get call waiting when I am using Jott. listen

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The Sharks fire Ron…

May 14, 2008

The Sharks fire Ron Wilson. So, the sharks need a new head coach, and they did the predictable move of firing Ron Wilson. And, makes a lot of sense in the sense that it closes a lot of open books. Like you kinda wondered what they were thinking when they didn’t fire him after last season. When you read the new stories about how you know, Ron was thinking about, put all these ideas in the off season, and how implementing all these things would turn things around. And, I saw a lot of parallels for me and my job. Where my manager always wants to hear my bright ideas for how I’m going to turn things around. And, so I figured it out. That means after 6 years, and after making it to the playoffs, and losing in the second round 3 times, I’m gonna get fired. So, now that I know that it’s going to happen, it doesn’t really bother me anymore. listen

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Election season continues….

May 12, 2008

Election season continues. So, I know that the big problem with the election episodes is that I never get to talk about what I am doing and sometimes I do something really cool and it sucks although other times I have a slow news day and then it’s actually working out that I don’t have to talk about my day. I(?) actually put it in a great time to do election coverage, this week has not been. So, I will let you know that I had an assist in my hockey game yesterday and like many assists completely by accident but the important thing is I haven’t missed a two for this season, although my buddy(?) Patrick who is new already has two goals this season and I have none and he has more goals in his career than I do twice as many. So I am going to have to try to score so I can you know catch up soon but you can think he is better for now. I can so knock him over listen

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Don’t argue with the…

May 1, 2008

Don’t argue with the weather man. So last fall they said on TV that it was going to be a dry Winter so get ready to have to conserve water. And what happened? Well, it rained a lot for a while. It rained a lot in the Fall. It rained a lot in January and then pretty much stopped raining completely. And when they measured the snow packing this year yesterday, it came back to 69% of where it should be. And guess what, they right. It was kind of nice to have those storms in January, because nothing beats chaos. But the weather year is a Fall year, just like any other year. You’re here and that is what’s going on. So no more raining. Maybe next year plight(?) billing(?). listen

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