Stupid YouTube

Pretty much any music video you could ever want to see is on there, and it forces me into reminiscing mode. Am I still too young to look back?

I know the importance of reflecting and all that, but I have to wonder whether it’s the sort of thing that is supposed to wait. I suppose I could forget things between now and then, but because I will have forgotten, it won’t bother me, because I won’t remember what I’m missing.

It’s nice to watch old videos from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and Martika, sure, but every minute I spend looking back is a minute that prevents me from looking forward. Sure, people do that all the time, but I’ve always had my doubts of how optimal that is.

I suppose the same case could be made for the time I spend writing these things, as well. You see how I sacrifice my personal development for your entertainment? You better fucking appreciate it!

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