Radio game results

Tried some camera videos this trip, and they turned out pretty shitty for the most part. I’ll post ’em in a bit, but don’t be upset at the quality. I know. They also aren’t very good at recounting what happened. So I’ll accept “how was Reno” questions.

The problem with doing them a month ahead of time is that sometimes someone gets hot.

Beyonce 3/2 3
Nelly Furtado 9/5 4
Fergie 2/1 2
Rihanna 5/2 1
Christina Aguilera 3/1 1
The Fray 7/2 3
The All-American Rejects 5/1 3
Ludacris 6/1 2
Gwen Stefani 7/1 5
Avril Lavigne 8/1 3
My Chemical Romance 9/1 zero
Cherish 10/1 1
Pink 12/1 4
Timbaland 15/1 zero
R. Kelly 18/1 zero
Cartel 20/1 zero
Katharine McPhee 25/1 zero
Chris Brown 30/1 zero
Vanessa Hudgens 35/1 zero
Daughtry 40/1 5
Field even Akon 6, Kelly Clarkson 5

To me, the Field was a lock because I did not include Akon. Kelly Clarkson continued her trend of trying to come on strong at the end only to fall a little bit short. (She only had 1 halfway through the trip, then hit 4 more on the ride home.) I don’t know whether Akon should count on the Gwen Stefani song he woo-hoos on. He isn’t always included in the byline, so it’s a toughie. If you don’t include his woo-hooing, he has 2, and Stefani and Clarkson tie with 5.

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