Elizabeth Willis “Elizabeth Willis”

The recording quality sucks ass. If you can get past that, this is a nice little earner, but it would be helpful if you were listening to this in the background so the distortion is not so noticeable.

Elizabeth Willis sings and plays the piano. Someone else drums and does the other stuff. If she can be a studmuffin at the guitar she could play at farmers markets. “4am” is a typical example of what she can do. Singing and piano-ing, with strings in the background. It’s not Tori Amos. It’s more contemporary than that.

“Thoughts” has an above-average chorus. The piano also reminds me of Tricia Concepcion. “(In) Love” is the opposite of Tomb Raider. This song sounds the most like a single, although this album definitely does not waste time on manufacturing radio-friendly songs.

Most of the songs have the same tempo, but “Blackbird” is a little faster. It’s not better, just faster. It reminds me of Emily Lord.

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