Faces of March “Confessions”

This album really grows on you and suffers from a poor track order. “Not Enough” starts the album off and makes you think it is an Evanescence ripoff, but actualy many of the songs hold their own and remind the listener of stuff that is much less annoying.

“Maybe” reminds me a bit of Paramore and definitely has a modern feel to it, assuming Paramore are still hip. “Drowning” has a Charlatans U.K. early-’90s feel to it.

“Alone” makes me think of standard female-fronted casino pop rock. The music sounds like Stretch Princess, but the vocals aren’t as good. Make no mistake, the singing in Faces of March is great, but it’s all relative, isn’t it? “Wanna Be” is for fans of Damone (the good first album, not the second shitty one).

“Who’s to Blame” is forgettable. “Too Late” is a ballad with no heart. Turn Around also offers that Evanescence style. Despite the lack of focus, “Confessions” is very listenable.

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