Vaselines “Enter the Vaselines”

What a treat this double CD is. You get an album of studio recordings and one of live stuff. The first album has two EPs and a full length. The second has some demos and two live shows. This is great for comparing their sound, because some songs show up three times.

“Molly’s Lips,” far and away my favorite Vaselines song was played live in London, and that means it shows up on the live CD with the other London tracks. It’s not as good as the studio version, but generally, most of these songs work well live.

“Oliver Twisted,” originally from the album “Dum Dum,” is typical of the Northwest sound that personifies the Vaselines. And to be able to hear a demo of “Red Poppy” is a real treat. I bet they love it when people call it “Red Poppy” and that they raise their hands in the air because they’re all true players.

“Rory Rides Me Raw” is a waltz and focuses on the male vocals, which are every bit as good as the female ones and helps break up the album well.

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