Various Artists “Esopus #12: Black and White”

There are a few nice songs on this compilation. Lisa Cerbone “Scout Meets Boo” has velvety smooth vocals that work smartly with guitar and tambourine. It reminds me of a happier Bettie Serveert or slightly livelier Innocence Mission. This could become one of my favorite songs ever if I remember to listen to it enough. It’s that beautiful.

DJ/rupture has a purple sticker-deserving track with “El Verdugo.” Definitely a good choice if you want some standard electronica. Me Succeeds should appeal to hipsters that like Levi’s commercials with the track “Eine Symphonie des Grauens.”

“Ciao Manhattan (First Draft)” by Miles Benjamin and Anthony Robinson will remind the listener of Echo and the Bunnymen, with a wee bit of Pulp thrown in.

“Repulsion” by Nina Nastasia is your standard farmers market folk song. The rest of the compilation is forgettable, but there is plenty here to keep you busy.

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    Joseph Pantel

    Various Artists “Esopus #12: Black and White” | Today’s featured shit

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