MLB Network wants to outfox Fox

So first Matt Vasgersian insults baseball fans by saying, “if you’re scoring the game at home, you need a new hobby.” And then either Joe Magrane or Mitch Williams started discussing the education level of people that keep score of ballgames they watch on TV when they talked about a GED. One of them asks what GED stands for, or whether he knew, and the reply was “gross eating disorder.”

Me? Not offended of course, and having Tivo would make this posting a lot more accurate, but I am surprised that they’re allowed to be so risque. I literally just turned the game on. (There’s a game? Yes. Philiadelphia Phillies at Tampa Bay Rays.) I think it’s a great teaching opportunity for dads scoring the game at home while watching it with their 11-year-old daughter.

And then what is the first ad for when they go to commercial? Tostitos, marketed as being a healthy tortilla chip. Perfect, perhaps, for people with eating disorders.

Again, not outraged. I think it’s just a stupid move on their part. Who gets turned on by this stuff? Who is going to go to and buy Manny Ramirez jerseys because of these unfunny off-the-cuff remarks. And again again, not offensive! Just not funny. If you’re neither funny nor offensive, you’re just wasting people’s time.

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