No Doubt Sleep Train Pavilion review

This is a transcript for Episode 1097. I never make them, and in fact I have not even recorded it yet. I’ll be reading this off the screen. Insert Barack Obama TelePrompTer joke here. But I have been invited to write a 200-word review of tonight’s show in Concord for Spinning Platters, so I figure I might as well make the review a transcript of an episode. Aren’t I a genius?

It’s the Joel Shit Show, featuring Joel Shit! Hi, welcome to the Joel Shit Show. I’m your host, Joel Shit. So yesterday I went to the Concord Pavilion, er, the Chronicle Pavilion, er, Sleep Train Pavilion to see No Doubt, Paramore and The Sounds. There was a promotion with State Farm in which I could play Rock Band, and if my band did the best rendition of “Spiderwebs,” then we’d win free upgrades to VIP seats, which were likely available because they charged too much for them in the first place. We did not win. Some kids played on Expert and got more than 800,000 points, and we were no match for that. We tried twice, both with me on drums. Whether I was on medium or hard it did not really matter. We got about 570,000 points both times.

And then some other stuff happened. And No Doubt played a bunch of songs. The setlist is on my Twitter. You know the drill: Then after the show I met someone who fucked Adam from Link 80. She recognized my shirt.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Visit us on the Web at E-mail

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