The Jezabels “The Man Is Dead EP”

It’s an EP. Five tracks. “Disco Biscuit Love” is aptly named and has the same melody as a recent Top 40 hit. Not “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry but one of her equally gifted contemporaries. “Be a Star” has a more Killers feel to it, but the vocals are a bit strained. “Electric Lover” has piano like Keane, but the lyrics again come on a little strong. You’d think I’d like that, but somehow the flavors are not working together. “Old Little Girls” has the musical styling of Meat Loaf, and the lyrics are a little more subdued here. The piano works a lot better here, like in a Suddenly, Tammy song. “Unmarked Helicopters” is the last track. The mixing is done better on this one as well, and the song itself is better, if you like snare drums.

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