Jemina Pearl “Break It Up (College Edition)”

It’s the lead singer of Be Your Own Pet. Some of the tracks really hit home. “Heartbeats” has Dollyrots vocals, but the music is not as action-filled. “Band on the Run” is not a cover, but it is easy to listen to. There’s not a lot of passion in these songs, but if this is the formula you’re into, you’ll be happy. Clearly she has her fan base, but I don’t see how she is going to add new followers with this effort, or lack of.
“I Hate People” has special guest Iggy Pop doing backing vocals among other things. Perhaps this partnership had more to do with his lust for her. One never knows. It is a key track regardless.
Thirteen tracks is acceptable because the tracks are short, but it’d still have been preferable if she had spent more time writing. The whole effort feels rushed. The hand claps in “D Is for Danger” are a nice touch, though.
Really, she is at her best when she just lets it all hang out. “Selfish Heart” is a lot of fun and has a frenetic pace that will make you want to do shots and tear shit up.
Put another way, Jemina Pearl seems to be having an identity crisis right before our eyes. Does she want to be cutesy? Does she want to be hard? Similar to our president when it comes to healthcare reform, she is trying too hard to please everyone, and instead she is going to please no one.


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