Ah Holly Fam’ly “Reservoir”

The spine of the jewel box has a misplaced apostrophe, spelling it “Faml’y.” It’s just like Twitter user fakeapstylebook says: “Y’all” means you’re from Texas, and “ya’ll” means “ya will.”
The band itself seems to be from Portland. It certainly has that sound. It’s music everyone can enjoy. If your friend has those parents who buy the fancy die-cut soaps and put them in the bathroom — but DON’T USE THEM! They’re just for decoration! — they would like this music. It’s very relaxing and is chamomile tea for the ears.
“All Unfolding” has the same melody as “Mr. Kadali” by Sing-Sing. The male vocals are slightly more dominant in this folky delight, and it gives you a lot of texture to listen to.
“Rainstick” is aptly named because the guitar strings sound like droplets falling onto a picture window. Not much else to do but turn on the local sports team and argue about whether it’s pronounced “offside” or “offsides.”
“Lucky Peak” is my favorite song on the album. It has a bit of a jolt that the other tracks just lack. It still has the same farmers market charm, though.


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