The Watson Twins “Talking to You Talking to Me”

The long-awaited record is finally out. I don’t know whether their album title is some subtle twin joke, or maybe I’m looking for something where there’s nothing, like when George Stephanopoulos inferred that everyone wore purple at the State of the Union address in a show of bipartisanship.
There’s no reason to mess with success, and leadoff track “Modern Man” is more of what you’ve come to expect from the duo. “Harpeth River” will make Portishead fans think of “All Mine.” It’s almost a ripoff of the song. It sounds more like a sequel, like Super Mario Bros. 2.
“Midnight” doesn’t just pay triple in the field. It sounds like Dot Allison is the guest vocalist. (We should be so luckily.) The backing vocals make this good song even better.
“Snow Canyons” slows it down and should be the final track. It’s the kind of song I hear right when the rain stops, so I might as well get my boots and take a walk to Jack in the Box.
“Tell Me Why” is a more mature sound for them, and I can picture this being placed on coffeehouse compilations from coast to coast. The drums are mixed a little high, but I think that’s intentional. The benefit of the doubt? That’s what I give the Watson Twins every day.

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