Eels “End Times”

Is this Eels’ last album? It would make a lot of sense. If this record were a physical act, it would be breakup sex.
Sometimes you get glimmers of better times for Mr. Eels himself. (That’s Mark Oliver Everett to you, buddy.) “Mansions of Los Feliz” showcases his great storytelling ability. There was something special in his coffee that morning, and it wasn’t Novocaine.
“A Line in the Dirt” is a tired number — not tired meaning “overdone” but tired meaning “exasperated.” If you can handle something so depressing, it’s a great track. Plus there’s a line about pissing in the yard. There was no greater highlight in college for me than the first time I did that.
“Apple Trees” is an interlude spoken word. I love it when artists do this, because it’s a window into their world — their soul if you’re lucky. And one day when someone decides to do a mashup with it and The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds,” you’ll get both references.
Unhinged is one of the more upbeat tracks. I really like this one a lot. The Doors-like organ really fills in the cracks, leaving the tambourine to simply be some other metaphor.
“I Need a Mother” is soul-baring. Some people broadcast their entire lives on Facebook. Everett is old school and does it through song.

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