Gigi “Maintenant”

If you like the girl groups of the early ’60s then you will love this record. It stays fairly true to the era and presents an amazing list of guest singers. It has a slightly British feel to it with its liberal use of horns. Damn liberals.
“No, My Heart Will Go On” leads off and reminds me perhaps of the Dixie Cups. “Impossible Love” does the same thing. “The Hundredth Time” is to die for. Male vocals with female backing, and it reminds me of a stack of pancakes with Smuckers Boysenberry Syrup on top.
“Alone at the Pier” has guest Rose Melberg and is awesome. “Won’t Someone Tell Me?” features special guest Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, who you are more likely to know, simply, as Mirah. What’s not to like?
“The Marquee” features guest Katie Eastburn and is a bit of a departure. With strings to go with the horns, it has a grownup feel. If you’re a secretly miserable yuppie having the people from accounting over for cheese, this song is the one you play in the background. Just remember not to get into an argument with your wife while you’re entertaining guests. It can wait.
Two things I don’t like about this album: The track listing is completely wrong, and the cover art has egregious errors. They show what we are led to believe is an old-timey intersection with a pre-hoopty-era car parallel parked on the street, while a young couple decked out and looking boss are walking up the street. However, you can see a newer-model vehicle parked further up the street, and it seems the male half of the couple is wearing a messenger bag over his skinny tie. In addition, I think they are talking about American Idol.
Early nomination for album of the year!

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