La Chansons “King and Queen of the Dance Floor”

The cover art is entertaining and perpetuates the dance music stereotype of the douchebag DJ and unnecessarily hot diva. However, considering that they are married, it’s clearly an attempt to be ironic. I can play along with that.
This is the kind of music I was trying to make in high school when I was in Residue with Dinnhy D, the original rubber monkey. The difference is that La Chansons have actual equipment instead of a few pencils, a tape recorder and some tax forms.
“X Marks the Spot” has the same beat as “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” but focuses on vocals instead of keyboards. That’s fine. It’s still a good track. “Workout Love” sounds like a Ming & Ping song, only with two whiteys from Atlanta doing all the work.
“Sparklin'” is not manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company but instead is a fun song. But the best track follows it: “Beauty Queen.” They’ve taken the best part of early Peaches and late-’80s Book of Love and put it into a single song. This track is a deep drive at Fulton County Stadium. “Leotard Stories” also has a Peaches vibe to it, but much cleaner (if cheesier) lyrics.
“You Put the Moves in Me” also has a late-’80s feel, dominated by a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam feel, with hints of Kraftwerk and the Jets here and there.
There are songs about malls and candy bars too. I really like this record because if I am going to be reminded of my childhood, I want to only be reminded of the good things, namely music and packs of 1989 Score baseball cards. They’ve done all they can to help me out here. Now if I could just do something with these Luis de los Santos rookie cards.


  1. thanks for the kind words!

  2. sorry for multiple posts – you can listen to the album @


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