Soft Cotton County “Soft Cotton County”

I like what they’ve done here. And just like the Shitty Beatles, it’s not just a clever name. “On a Roll” should be called “Jelly.” The lead singer channels Dot Allison and Kate Bush here, and praise doesn’t get much higher than that.
“Ursa Minor DJ” reminds me of Stereolab, only with all-living band members. It’s a little faster than the other songs, or at least it has percussion. I don’t know how these things work. But what you have here is something stripped down yet compelling to the ear.
“Cosy Little Life” has a dude singing, and he kind of sounds like Peter Gabriel. There’s no way you can get through this entire album without finding something that you like. The guitar sounds like Gin Blossoms. It’s just an early ’90s celebration, it is.
“Live in Town” features both singers and has haunting synths to keep you up late at night. There is a Peanuts reference here, but I can’t quite formulate it. But suffice it to say I love Peanuts, and I love this band.
“I Can’t Sleep (Sleep Stations)” is also a good song, but I have nothing clever to remark about it. Everything is good on this one, really. I wish they hadn’t released this on Christmas (who does that?), because I would have loved to have given this a shot at Album of the Year. Oh well, at least I can still enjoy the record.

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