Balbec “Rise and Fall of a Decade”

I found it hard to believe that I had never heard of Balbec until I realized they were from France. That explains a lot. But I won’t hold it against them; the sound is that good.
The album’s title makes me think that the decade to which they are referring is the ’90s, because this sound is straight outta Matador Records. It doesn’t try to overpower you. The unassuming nature just makes you want it that much more. “How to Achieve God-Like Status” is very approachable in this fashion. I also want to vote for “Pedro Bonita” for Song of the Year. It has everything you could want from a Velocity Girl-era track.
“Drifting” sounds like a refined Eve’s Plum track. I knew somebody would be able to do it eventually, and I am glad that it was Balbec.
This album does a lot of things for me, and I look forward to being in the loop about upcoming releases.

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