The Mood Swings “Recessionista”

This band name is a curse because of a bad Simpsons bit in which Homer Simpson recites “mood swings” in a half-dozen different inflections of voice. At any rate, this is a band that Generation Y will like because it nods at the mid-’90s girl rock revolution (Helium, Letters to Cleo etc.), and Gen Xers will be comfortable with it because songs such as “Crush” sound like the Go-Go’s. And on further review it appears there is actually a song called “Generation Y.” I swear that’s a coincidence.
The combination of the guitar and sirens at the begin of “Let’s Go” reminds me of Reno 911!, but otherwise it sounds like a Veruca Salt cover. This song definitely rocks more than the other ones, but the siren seems to cheapen the effort somehow. Or maybe I’m missing the point.
“Nothing New” has a more modern sound. If Catherine Wheel had a female lead singer, they’d sound like this. “No Place to Hide” gives a Joan Jett vibe.
It’s nice to have another band to listen to that emulates one of my favorite periods in rock ‘n’ roll history, but don’t expect anything too groundbreaking here. I’d certainly pay to see them live, though.

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