Teenage Moods “Teenage Moods EP”

It could also be an EP titled “Psychic Playlist.” It’s not clear. What is clear is that this is their effort. What is also clear is that this is a high-quality Vaselines ripoff. I’m always happy to hear new acts doing this style of music.
“Psychic Playlist” is the first track. It’s OK. “Sugar Band” is second and a thousand times better. This one really does mimic the Vaselines sound.
“Attic Years” could be a Sonic Youth or Throwing Muses cover, but it’s more likely another original creation. Let’s not mess with Teenage Moods.
Last is “Little Trap.” It sounds like something Matthew Sweet did before he hit it big. It’s pretty exciting when you look at it that way.
There is a good amount of potential with these guys. And they’re from Minnesota, which is surely a way to bypass my stomach yet still reach my heart.

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