Kitten Forever “Magical Realism EP”

Well, we had another Kitten Forever EP at the station, and it was better than this one. So here is your chance to listen to Kitten Forever back when they sounded less like Sleater-Kinney and more like Red Aunts. Luckily this is also an EP because there’s not much else to say. “Mind Meld” runs around and ends pretty quickly. “Fake Flesh/Voodoo” is two songs in one, the same way Certs was two mints in one about 20 years ago. The first part has the same basic sound but with backing yelling. It’s not angry yelling, but it’s not happy Bis-style yelling either. Maybe it’s just Red Bull-infused yelling. The second part is probably supposed to be a joke, but I really like it. It’s very cheery and upbeat. “Witch” has a more garage sound. “Death Bed” has a classic Red Aunts sound, including the requisite naughty language. I don’t know. I like the other record better.


  1. 1
    hmmm Says:

    have you ever heard sleater kinney? i think you might be confused.

    • 2
      joelshitshow Says:

      You cannot dispute that the new record sounds more like Sleater-Kinney than the old one.

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