Natalie D-Napoleon “Here in California”

It’s an EP. “To Her Door” is first and has the alt-country sound nailed. The vocals veer on farmers’ market, but it’s not bad enough to cause me to scream for the exits, which is fine, because farmers’ markets don’t have clearly marked exits most of the time.
“Hummingbird” is straight-up country. There’s even fiddle, although the player is not named “Dee Dee.” (It’s Sally.) “You Shook Me All Night Long” is a cover. It is weird to hear this song sung instead of screamed. It’s certainly passable if you want an acoustic version of the song.
“LA Freeway” is heavy on the harmonica. It also answers the question generated by the EP title. “Where in California?” “Southern California.” “Even the Sweet Things Die” has keyboards and is a little more fun than the rest. The vocals sound a bit higher in the mix, so therefore they must be more heartfelt. If this song were a food, it would be all-natural peanut butter.
The title track is the last track. It’s slow yet more than five minutes long. This record is worth a listen, but I don’t know that there is enough to put out a full-length. Perhaps, we shall see someday.

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