Chasing Jane “Unravelled”

I’m not sure what to make of this. The singing is passable, and the lyrics aren’t making me vomit excessively. It’s just not making me very excited, though. It’s as if I have heard this all before.
“Crazy Thoughts” has a very contemporary feel, and it gives me sudden urges to answer the phone. “Daydream” has wonderful accompaniment, and the singing is also above-average here. I am not surprised that this is the song they recommend on the front. So what makes this track so different? The instrumentation works together, as opposed to competing with each other. The backing vocals are subtle but add to the texture of the song. The melody matches the music. It all comes together naturally, here.
“Hold On” is not a cover. It is perfect for fans of Paula Cole. I suppose much of this album is. “There Are Angels” has good harmonizing. It’d be nice for there to be more of that. There’s some nice stuff here, but I don’t want to have to dig so deep when comparable efforts from other artists are so much easier to find.

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