Dadfag “Scenic Abuse”

The unfortunately named Dadfag are angry in a suburban way. I cannot take this band seriously. Musically, they sound like Operation Makeout, I guess, but you can tell the local influence in songs such as “Hangover Head.” But if you want to go that route, I might as well listen to Glitter Mini 9. You can really taste the goat.
When the band is more focused, there is some fun and dirty results. “Down Baby” is much tighter than most of the tracks on the record. This, this right here. This is what they need to be doing. King Missile has done a lot of noise like this, although obviously with dudes. “Lookout” is also OK, but by the time you get halfway through the album, the songs start to run together. This should have been an EP.
“Tits” has an old-school Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe to it. I can dig it. “Of a Mind” sounds like Bratmobile.
All in all, I’d pass on this one.

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