The Barbarellatones “The Break Up Ghost”

The copious use of sound effects was my first clue that this album was not going to be very good. The mixed metaphors in the songwriting was my second clue. However, I am stubborn by nature so I continued to listen.
“Gothic City” is aptly named, and it shows that the band is not really interested in playing any particular genre of music. “Gnarlie” is entertaining in an early ’90s sort of way. I bet these guys are all about 40. Generation X never ceases to amaze me. “Grab Your Ankles” continues with the non sequiturs. Maybe this isn’t so bad.
“Baby, Baby, Baby” tells another all-too-familiar story about the hard-to-get-playing woman. The Punk Group did a song like this, too. If you want a normal song that stands out, try “Unfaithful Lover.” It sounds like it barely missed the cut on the “Reality Bites” soundtrack.
OK, so I get it now. The songs are intended to be gimmicky. You’re supposed to laugh. Fine. This record is perfect after watching “I Love the ’90s” on VH1.

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