Haight-Ashbury “Favourite Song EP”

It’s an EP. Six tracks by this British outfit, trying to channel the neighborhood that made putting flowers in your hair fashionable. The result is an occasionally shrill, yet oddly pleasing, garage-folk medley.
“Freeman Town” is first and would make fans of The Murmurs happy. They do some distortion of the vocals, but it just adds to the experience. It pains me to say it, square that I am, but this is music to get high to. I’ve got your objectivity right here!
“Molitof” has me thinking in another decade, but it’s the ’90s that come to mind. Still, I can picture a circle of hippies holding hands and dancing in a circle. These songs have that stereotypical Middle Eastern instrument, too. What is it, a sitar? I don’t know instruments. To me, The Piano is a key component of The Twilight Zone pinball machine, nothing more.
The title track is in fact my “favourite” song. It takes the aforementioned Murmurs reference and raises it a Sister Soleil. It makes me want to have a Zima. “Million Man March” reminds me of another UK great, Sing-Sing. I am really excited now and look forward to the full-length, “In the Golden Rays,” due to come out in June.
“Sympathetic Strings” is alliterative. It focuses more on harmony. “Beauty” is slightly trippier and has tambourine, an instrument even I recognize. This must be where the Mazzy Star comparisons come from. I can go along with that.

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