Hildur Victoria “Herringbone EP”

It’s an EP. “Four Young Sons” sounds like Tanya Donelly. It’s slow but not plodding. It’s very stripped down and sounds like what you’d hear from an opener at Slim’s. Then, as you walk down Ninth to get to Civic Center BART, you talk about how the opener was much better than the headliner, and if only you’d bought a CD because you’re far too drunk to remember her name when you get home to see what you can torrent out there.
“Diamond Eyes” has stronger guitar and some heart behind the vocals. The sticker tells me it is the single. Sure, why not. It could use another chord, but it’s still very accessible. “Palisades” turns the lead singer’s voice (Hildur Victoria is a band, not a she) into Kate Bush’s, but the music sounds like something Paramore would do. At this point you have to wonder what direction the band is going in. They’ve really settled into this midtempo style that focuses on plus vocals and crisp mixing, but I feel that the structure is confining them too much. They need to cover a Ramones song. I can’t picture them being any faster than Pink Floyd.
“Wilder-Ness” would be funnier spelled “Wild-erness” because they are from Minnesota. How did they miss the playoffs, anyway? Their uniforms are so rad! The songs sound a lot alike, and all I hear is raw talent with no glue or fertilizer. We all have to start somewhere. I hope that they continue to grow. Next stop: melody and a Moog.

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