The Bundles “The Bundles”

The lead singer, Kimya Dawson, was in Moldy Peaches, it says here. Apparently, The Bundles were around before that but never recorded anything. This explains the sound, which reminds me of old Rilo Kiley or some of the less-weird Kung Fu U.S.A. tracks, because of the boy-girl vocals.
“Pirates Declare War” has a power-pop sensibility to it, although it isn’t fuzzy at all. It’s very structured and lo-fi. “Shamrock Glamrock” does the thing where one vocalist says one set of lyrics while the other vocalist does the same thing. It’s like when Kelly & Kline would tell the dirty joke in one ear and the clean joke in the other. Or if you lived too far from San Francisco then you didn’t get reception in stereo, so you just heard both no matter what. That’s this song.
“Desert Bundles” has that weird mouth instrument thing that Snoopy would play when he was on the bus going to camp, such as on “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown.” This song would be worth seeing live, if nothing else, just to see someone play it.
“Be Yourself” is the last track and might be a cover. It sounds familiar, but that could be the case because I’ve just heard the rest of the album. Musically, this sounds like Blake Babies, and vocally it sounds like Matt & Kim. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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