Benyaro “Good Day Better”

Pretty standard folk fare here. They are better than you expect, in that nobody has heard of them, but they know what they are doing. “All My Money on You” tells a story with a predictable plot, but the song is put together well. “Dogs” reminds me of Counting Crows and Extreme.
“Eureka” has a classic feel, more Bonnie Raitt than what the modern folkers are doing. It has saxophone straight out of 1987, I swear it. It says here it is a tenor sax. I believe it.
“Mother/Daughter” reminds me of a cross between a standard Barenaked Ladies ballad and Adam Sandler’s “I’m Wasted.” “More or Less” is the last track, and it is an unsurprising slow one to send us all home.
This record is what it is: A slightly upbeat folk album with male and female vocals. It may not make a good day better, but it doesn’t make it suck, either.

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