Communist Daughter “Soundtrack to the End”

The record starts with “The Lady Is an Arsonist” and ends with “Minnesota Girls.” That’s how you get my attention. And the songs themselves are catchy, upbeat and fun, which never hurts.
“Soundtrack to the End” is a little slower but still has pep. It has more of a folk feel, although the whole album definitely would receive a folk rock subsidy if such a thing existed. If Jesus and Mary Chain weren’t so busy trying to be edgy, they would sound like this. The copious use of organ makes this track stand out.
“Fortunate Son” is the most rock ‘n’ roll of the tracks, and if the band ever decides to go in this direction, we’ll all be better off. It feels as if they have relieved themselves of the shackles of being a sleepy rock band and instead have just relieved themselves. It’s as cheerful as the rest, but this one really can get you excited if you let your guard down.
It’s a solid effort, although I fear they would be boring live.

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