Misty Boyce “Misty Boyce”

This record is a little too mature for me. When I was single, I would sometimes talk myself into a date with a woman far more successful than I, and at the time, confidence was an issue I could not overcome. I bet those women listen to this kind of music. But as I sit in my palatial 750-square-foot condo and drive my seven-year-old car with the paint chipping on the bumper because carports mess with my head, I realize I have to keep it real. And maybe so does Misty Boyce.
“Be a Man” has some synths and tells a story about eating cookies. It’s slightly whimsical, and the seriousness of the other tracks and cover art caused me to be quite surprised when this track came on. There’s hope yet!
“How Long” has a very mainstream appeal. I can picture someone calling syndicated radio host Delilah and requesting this one. It even has a dedication-worthy title.
“Love You Down” is not an Inoj cover, but it’s still peppy with a very deliberate tempo. This is the best track on the album. “Slow Burn” slows it down and is likely reserved for encores when she performs live. It’s got just a little more emotion than the other tracks, and it’s just enough to grab your attention.
There are a few gems here and there, but I can tell that I am not the target audience for this record. I still pick my nose, for crying out loud.

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    Jonathan Says:

    You are too funny!
    But I love Misty! I think also trouble is great and I love when she says “fucking like a man” ya know?

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