Peggy Sue “Fossils and Other Phantoms”

They’re British, but you can’t really tell. But they are. It’s three dames, of which two sing a lot, while the other mostly drums, although I bet they hook up a mic, and every now and then she sings stuff while trying to drum. I can imagine the talent level being high enough to support that.
“Yo Mama” is an example of their great song titles. They also have “Long Division Blues” and “The Remainder.”
I would love to have tea with these women, because what we really need in our society are more perpetuated stereotypes. The record itself? It’s pretty good. The harmonies do it for me, of course, and the music seems to be intentionally sleepy, the way that Rose Melberg’s stuff is.
“Careless Talk Costs Lives” reminds me of Bitch and Animal. This one is quite the shit, really.
It’s a short review, for me, but I did enjoy this album. Another success for Yep Roc!

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