Fading Collection “Attakk”

It’s an EP. “March Rabbits” is first and has a late ’90s feel. This was the direction Republica and Sister Soleil tried to take modern rock, but it did not stick because everyone wanted to listen to fucking Creed. Their loss. “The Real Rotator” is slightly more industrial. Slightly. “Antlering” reminds me of God Lives Underwater, only with a woman singing. It’s a little too slow for my liking, but it’s still worth a listen. Everything here is. This is the stuff I would listen to after work on my way home from the bar. It’s impossible to fall asleep at the wheel when this kind of music is blaring from your AM/FM cassette deck.
“Broken Teeth” does the start and stop tempo that the original Beatmania songs made famous. The backing vocals on the chorus seem a bit misplaced, though. “Five Forests” is the fifth track. Who knows what that means. It is also the last track and the longest. One of the things that firmly implants this record in the Monica Lewinsky scandal is that, even though the tracks are all mainstream danceable for the era, the tracks are mostly 3-4 minutes long. That was the style at the time!
This won’t be my favorite album of 2010, but it will be right there with the honorable mentions.

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