Dirty Little Rabbits “Dirty Little Rabbits”

There’s no mistaking it: This is a rock band. They probably play in smoky bars, and all the guys hoot and holler and say suggestive things to the lead singer that they’d never say if they weren’t drunk.
The resurgence of the female-dominated band is about complete. We’re right back to where we were in the Pat Benatar era 30 years ago and the Lilith Fair era 15 years ago. The wheat is starting to come with a little chaff attached, so enjoy it while you can. The Creed reunion tour can’t be far off, now.
So the album itself? It tries a little too hard. Sometimes it’s Picture Me Broken (“Simon”), other times Evanescence (“You Say”) and even still other times Bjork and Rush simultaneously (“Put It in the Rock”). And you know what? That’s just the first three tracks. Why listen to a compilation when you can have one band do the dirty work for you?
If the lead singer would calm down and just sing, something she surely can do but perhaps does not have the confidence to do yet, she could sound like Beth Sorrentino. I will wait.
“I Love You” is good for Leah Andreone fans. The song itself? It’s all right; it’s okay. “If” slows it down. I bet the band doesn’t want to do ballads, but they do them well. Nobody ever wants to do what people want them to do. “The Didn’ts” is a bit frenetic. It’s a guarantee they play this one live.
I don’t know what the band is trying to do on this record, but there’s one thing for certain. They’ve done something!

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