Autolux “Transit Transit”

Yeah, I can get behind this stuff. It reminds me of Primitive Radio Gods. It’s lightweight, poppy music with occasional nods to samples and grunge. Perry Farrell would be proud.
You can count on tracks such as “Census” to drive the point home. I also enjoy “Highchair.” But “Supertoys” is super rad. All the members do all the singing, so I suppose you find the one with the member you like and root for that.
“Headless Sky” is the best of the male-led tracks. The tracks here all remind you of mid-90s stars, whether it’s Flaming Lips or Pavement. There’s not much to say, because I’m sick of making Melrose Place references, but this one will be enjoyed by Generation Xers and today’s teens who think it’s cool to listen to the music their uncles and aunts like.

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