Dub Seeds “Feelin It”

They’re more reggae than dub, but Dub Seeds provide society with more post-Sublime music about getting high. If they were a football player, John Madden would call them a guy.
Someday a band will do a song about how brownies are more effective than smoking, but this isn’t the one. But at least I can guess with a fair level of accuracy how the members are going to vote on Proposition 19.
They’re a fun party band, I am sure. And I can guarantee Faco will like it. The lyrics are all variations of “What’s up, man?” “Trenchtown” is as good a song as any. “Little Bit of Trouble” reminds me of when Jimmy Pop gave reggae a try with Bloodhound Gang.
White guys do a much better job with reggae than they do with hip-hop. I don’t know how that perception came to life, but if Wally Whiteguy tells you he raps, you roll your eyes. If he tells you he is in a reggae band, you say, “Cool! You got any weed?” I guess if you’re going to be stereotyped anyway, it might as well be a fun one.
“Pressure Down” is a little more of a story. It sounds like a second single. It exemplifies the mid-90s reggae crossover sound. Also, the cover art is surprisingly good.

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