Lower Dens “Twin-Hand Movement”

This is some loud, dusty post-new wave stuff that reminds me of The Cure when they released “The Head on the Door.” A key difference is that a woman sings, although it’s rather androgynous, so don’t expect anything overly melodic or poppy. The darkwave nature makes me think of Lackadaisy, a bit.
As far as the songs go. They all sound the same, and they are all pretty good. “Plastic and Powder” has numerous bridges and takes you on a journey. “Holy Water” also confirms the easy-to-make female Cure stereotype.
“Rosie” has a long introduction so if you like to talk over songs, this is the one for you. Perhaps this track has more a Bauhaus edge to it.
Pretty straightforward approach here. You know what you’re getting yourself into.

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