Lovers “Dark Light”

I can really get into this modern take of classic synthpop. There’s nothing original about it, but this is a template that can be repeated ad nauseam, and I’ll never tire of it.
“Barnacle” fits right in with just about any college radio station’s format. “Boxer” has a melody that initially made me think of Book of Love’s “Boy,” but the accompaniment is much darker. It’s still good, though.
Lovers have songs that don’t start with “B” also. “Peppermint” is a little more plodding, and this six-minute bathroom break works well in a movie but not so much here. It’s guitar wanking without the wanking.
“To Be a Dancer (I Am Alive)” has a good beat, and you can dance to it if your jeans aren’t too tight. “Cedar Falls” is the last track from this Portland band. It’s no theme song for Burgerville, but it is a nice slow ballad to get you out of the record. The synths sound a little too plastic on it, but it’s got better mixing on the vocals.
You really can’t go wrong on this one if you’re into indie rock with some synth in the background.

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