William Brittelle “Television Landscape”

I have no idea how this ended up in my queue. Listening to male singer-songwriters complain about watching cartoons and smoking cigarettes is not high on my list. But actually William Brittelle is just ’90s enough, just psychedelic enough, that the record is worth giving a listen.
“Vivid Culture” is the cultural reference above. It’s more than five minutes long and hard to listen to sober without having second thoughts. It sounds better loud. It prolly also sounds better while high.
“Hey Child” has more of an ’80s feel, and I can really get into this one. It channels the same energy that Fantastic Plastic Machine does. I bet Brittelle loves prog rock. The saxophones are the Cherry New York Seltzer on top.
More of the same with “Pegasus in Alcatraz.” There are some strings in this one, however. “Wasteland” focuses a little more on the piano. A lot of these songs sound like Al Jarreau’s band is providing the accompaniment.
“Eyes of the Ocean” goes a little farther back, to the ’70s. It sounds like something the Steve Miller Band would have done and is destined to be a karaoke bar smash hit. It has the falsettos needed to be as kickass as can be.
The last track is “The Color of Rain,” and it makes me picture credits rolling down the screen, while wacky screen shots of the current episode are shown in the background. My girlfriend says they sound like the Bee Gees. Sure, why not.

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