Ed Hines Band “Danger Love”

So I have a friend named Ed Hines. We used to work together. When I saw this record, I figured I should see what he would sound like if he were a band.
Well, “Space Man” sounds like Morrissey, except the lyrics aren’t depressing. In fact, they are downright happy. “Song 1400” is a love song that would make Kepi Ghoulie blush. The organ completes it.
“Your Daddy” reminds me of the Steve Martin album I have. Actually, most of the tracks do. “Bloodstream” is weird enough that an act like Corpus Callosum could have done it.
“Cindy Said” is the last track. Like the other tracks, it is very simple, musically, with offbeat lyrics. It’s hard to take the band seriously because they don’t take themselves seriously. But I will dust off a chestnut I used when I reviewed Convalescent Surprise’s EP: You can really taste the goat.

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